Clinic Micromotors

Clinic Micromotors

What is a dental micro motor?

The dental micro motor is a motor that works at low speed and is attached to the handpieces, contra-angle, and hose, thus facilitating the treatment of the tooth.

Dental micromotors are used in dentistry for the treatment of semihard dental tissues. This instrument is connected to the hoses of other dental instruments with a variable connection system.

Why shall we choose a micro motor?
* Patients tend to prefer electric handpieces because they are significantly quieter and don’t produce the same vibratory sensation.
* They tend to produce a smoother and more precise cutting edge, due to the stable speed.
* They are more efficient at cutting various materials used in dentistry, especially machinable glass ceramic, silver amalgam, and high noble alloy.
* Smaller head diameter results in a better sight of the preparation area.
* Most models are equipped with an LED light.
* Easy to integrate with your existing set-up

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