About Us

Company Introduction

Fourteen years ago, we began as a small factory that produce curing light. Today, we still produce curing light- as well as endo motor,handpiece and more. That “more” is not only for product but also providing the very best customer service, customer experience and company culture. We aim to serve the global dentist.

We Expert In R&D

What We Do

Professionally R&D series of Dental product

Timely After-sales Service

Make progress with Co-worker

Manufacturing Base

Equipped with high standard R&D center and the latest precision equipment originated from Germany, Japan and South Korea.

Powerful manufacturing and global service network enable us advancing fast and steadily.

Safety and Quality are non-negotiables in the medical device industry.

Training Course

We have carried out many dental technology training courses and invited famous dentists to exchange and share clinical technology which has broadened doctors' horizons.

Our Qualifications

Our products have ISO13485 certification, CE certification, FDA certification and domestic product registration certificate, satisfy relevant industry standards and requirements.

FSC- CLASS 2 (notarized) till2022_00
FSC- CLASS 2 (notarized) till2022_01
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handpiece FDA_00
handpiece FDA_01