PMTC System

PMTC System

What Is PMTC?


The full name of PMTC is Professional Mechanical Tooth Cleaning
The purpose of PMTC is to remove plaque on the tooth surface and completely remove all plaque within 1~3mm subgingival. Professional mechanical tooth cleaning aims to protect people from cavities or dental caries as well as other tooth and gum problems.

What’s more, the PMTC System, which is suitable for early prevention and treatment of children, can prevent pathogenic bacteria such as periodontitis, dental caries, and so on. 

This product is also suited for some special people, such as diabetes patients, heavy smokers, patients after radiotherapy, xerostomia patients, systemic diseases, etc.  

Our product has 9 working modes matched with a 1:1 electric bending angle of 2000-10000RPM, with a 10:1 electric angle speed of 200-1000rpm, or with a 4:1 electric angle speed of 500-2500. Contact CICADA to gain more info.